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Don’t forget the DETAILS



in the design of animal and dental care facilities. Practicing since 1997, we understand one of the most important components of a successful project is communication.  Communication is important in terms of both listening to

As we continue into the twenty-first century, LAS must continue to lead the way in utilizing the most cutting edge technology. The use of the of video conferencing, remote desktop viewing, 3D models and digital media allows for the exchange of information and ideas instantly, helping us to realize our clients’ dreams and always have a client-centered focus.

Mission Statement

is an architectural firm specializing


our clients’ needs as well as conveying our designs and ideas to the client during the design process. One way we achieve

this is through the use of 3D computer models and renderings to help clients visualize their building before construction.  

This has proven to be a valuable tool for our clients to make design decisions and truly get a feel of the spaces in their

building.  LAS is committed to designing energy efficient and innovative buildings while providing clients the best choices

to suit their needs.

Vision Statement

As architects, LAS has a responsibility to serve our clients and the community to produce the highest quality and most effective designs possible.  The design process is inclusive, requiring team effort and determination.  It is an educational process from client to architect and architect to client, as our clients learn the visualize language and we learn our clients’ wants and needs.  We will guide our clients through the entire process, giving them the confidence and control they need to feel comfortable from start to finish. Designing a building is a creative process and we will deliver a final product that can change the way our clients see their world, unleash their potential, lift their spirits and move them.

Sal Longo, combines the passion and vision of the artist, the logic and intuitiveness of the engineer and the patience and practicality of the craftsman to shape a building that meets our clients needs. A good building speaks to us with its visual play of light and space, its efficient and simple plan and its use of logic and economic means.

Practice Philosophy

We feel the creative process works best in the studio setting, allowing for the informal exchange of ideas between client and architect. Through the idea of participatory design, each project becomes unique reflecting the specific needs, interests and wishes of our clients. The use of 3D computer models, virtual walk-throughs and physical study models allows our clients to visualize their future building.

The Studio

Technology has enabled us to easily communicate with our long-distance clients. In addition to telephone, fax, and mail, LAS utilizes the Internet and e-mail to communicate with clients. Our web page allows our clients to have a password to access their particular project to see the latest designs, drawing, pictures, models and any other important information.

Whether you need an architectural consultant or full architectural services, let us speak with you about your project, without obligation, to help you better understand the process of building a new animal facility. Architectural fees will vary depending on the scope of your project. We can discuss your ideas and send you a proposal and fee plan to suit your particular needs.

Team Approach

Early discussions with builders helps in negotiating contracts and leads to less adversarial conditions concerning costs and material suggestions, time tables and the realities of the construction process, set up the team approach. This approach simplifies complex projects.

Long-Distance Clients


Don’t forget the DETAILS